Perhaps you’re experiencing sinister breakdowns in daily work life, have emotional and physical outbursts while your productivity slowly plummets with each passing day Or, perchance you’ve had home issues that have bled into your work environment, making your levels of stress elevate higher than before.
Business associates that once relied upon your expertise are now avoiding you like some infectious disease.Slowly, your world starts spinning into a vortex of nothingness. And there’s nothing you can do.The constant threat of stress ruining your income stream is as real as the sudden flow of chemicals that sent your primitive ancestors fleeing from tigers. Stress will wear you down, effecting your health and state of wellness – not to mention erode your business goals from the inside out.
An online business manager will teach you how engineering entrepreneurial success derives from two highly fundamental aspects of emotional intelligence; self-management and relationship development. When we understand how our minds have worked prior to emotional breakdown, we further understand that measuring, accepting and developing new emotional intelligence is an essential factor to developing online businesses, especially when change is so rapid and volatile across numerous online mediums.
Imagine what it would be like if your workplace was full of people that:

6 more compelling reasons to hire an online business manager include:

Quick, effective tension relief which makes working productive, much more lax yet energy-driven. Since business managers simply open more doors, feelings of self-entrapment go away rather quickly once their advice is adequately applied to your life.
Allows the weary-minded entrepreneur to unplug themselves from workplace rigors, collect thoughts again, and grab some much needed ‘Me time’.
You will have the time to focus on building partnerships, doing other strategic and offline tasking exercises while expanding business without being jammed within your currently stagnant scenario.
The costs involved with outsourcing work to unskilled professionals could potentially sink profit margins to all-time lows, considering fixing mistakes made by untrained VA’s or freelancers costs double.
Never again will you fret over which system works best, or having to perform A/B split testing
Your all-in-one solution, or third hand, works harder so you, the stressed individual, don’t have to.

Consequences of NOT Hiring OBM’s (Online Business Manager)

If operating a business of any sort, knowing exactly how important credibility is when it comes to attracting and retaining customers goes without saying. Yet, even while offering a breadth of useful products or services, are you doing everything possible to make sure your company is seen in the best light?
By foregoing the opportunity to lean on an OBM’s understanding, you not only jeopardize business longevity, but can potentially:
Why Hire an Online Business Manager
Having access to virtual support professionals hungry for your personal success is much better than having VA’s, or virtual assistants, that lack education or real-world experience. Handling daily project management requirements, motivating and hiring team members, dealing with advanced business metrics and maintaining your strong foothold in overall operations is something which requires sleight of handand humility for the betterment of oppressed entrepreneurs.
Frees up valuable time otherwise occupied by tasks which, quite frankly, bore you;
Regains a much firmer handle of website design improvements, content adjustments and advanced HTML without hiring programmers who’ll charge 5 times more than most OBM’s charge for their entire package of services;
Helps form stronger alliances with supply chains, customers and advocates within your industry of expertise;
Gives you, the entrepreneur, an ‘ace in the hole’ when stuck in seemingly hapless problems.
Why Hire Muneeb Farman as Your OBM
Compassion. Experience. Defined only by work ethic acquired through birth, education and strong parenting as an aspiring lad, Muneeb Farman has transformed the business layman into an entrepreneur extraordinaire with his endless wit, eye for detail and camaraderie unlike you’ve never seen before.
Some brief highlights why Muneeb Farman often gets the nod as business management pro:
Working with online entrepreneurs over years, I’ve built TRUST that all my clients admire. You can completely rely on everything related to your business when placed in my skilled hands.
Highly qualified in online business planning and management.
Experienced OBM: Have received my MBA because of my strong skills in managerial, internet, and technological functions of businesses.
Equipped with knowledge and experience in managing projects and know the tools like Basecamp, and other collaboration tools being implemented today.
1-on-1 service without distractions: I don’t take more than 1-2 clients concurrently, allowing me to focus completely on the particular business issues and invest all time to address them without flaws or missing points.
Muneeb is your one-man army, making your seemingly distant entrepreneurial goals a reality, and then some. Hiring professionalism over cost-effectiveness gets the job done correctly the first time, every time.